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Business Model Canvas Use cases

Business Model Canvas is one of our top favorite approaches and tools we use. Starting to use it with companies since 2011, just one year after the Business Model Generation came out, and few years before it has been incorporated as key step in the Lean Startup methodology.

Business model canvas has been a great template to analyze and understand the current business model in an organization. And especially great use to define and plan the new business model or the business model for new ventures. We have used Business Model Canvas for analysis, business planning, scenario planning, in business from all sizes and stages (from startups to mature companies), and in non-profit organizations.

We still love and use it daily, and find it extremely useful as first step for defining the Value Proposition as answer to the customer segments needs and pains, especially before and when targeting our client’s ICP (Ideal Customer Profile).

client use cases through the years

We have used Business Model Generation in many instances, for different businesses, different business model and use cases. Some of our favorite include:

  • Strategy for New Market Segments Penetration, for a Therapeutic Center (Psychiatry / Psychology)
  • Environmental Consulting Company
  • Lean startup approach for a Design Cooperative, a company established by creative workers
  • Product development planning start for a mobile application for encrypted communication
  • Business planning of a Business Incubator
  • Sustainability models for a non-profit Foundation for Startup support
  • Sustainability models for a national network of rural development
  • Analysis and planning for a new software product development in exchange copy-trading 
  • Business model analysis for digital transformation strategy in an engineering company
  • Startups in health software development
  • Startups in cultural applications development

and in dozens of other idea stage and early stage startups…

Download the Business Model Canvas in English here (from Strategyzer)

business model canvas macedonian

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