Case study: Project Management Collaboration for productivity and expansion


client details

Energy Production, Engineering design & supervision, Company from Macedonia

services provided

Digital transformation consulting: Analysis of project management systems, implement a company wide project collaboration software

project timeline

2021, one month

We analyzed the needs of the company, with primary needs and limitations in mind. The solutions was to introduce a software which would be easily administrated and implemented, within a price range suitable for a small company from Macedonia. BITRIX24 was chosen as the primary software, which enabled the company with:

  • Enhanced project management and tracking of projects
  • Faster project start due to templated project stages and tasks, and team members inception.
  • Office Assistant being able to administer the system, lowering system administration and maintenance costs.

Implementation steps

  1. Preparation, obtaining software license, activation
  2. Setting up of modules and access administration
  3. Employee training
  4. Final setup of initial modules and project stages and templates
  5. Final implementation and software launch, including
  6. Annual checkup for additional needed modules to be activated or integrations needed.

A company in the area of energy production, design and supervision of energy efficient buildings and energy related project management. As the company grew from 11 employees in 2017 to over 30 in 2021, it had needs for efficiency and better company and project management. Especially following their regional and international expansion. BRULZ was engaged to design and implement a solution that will primarily increase productivity and profitability, with overall company management in focus.

The Key Challenges the company was faced with were

  • Spending time on repeatable projects and tasks
  • Need for better project management oversight
  • Streamlined and traceable projects
All projects were easily traceable with status by the management and each team member, with understanding of each project status.
  • Increased Effectiveness & Efficiency
Team members could start their projects faster and focus on their area of expertise, while the task responsibilities were clear and visible. The mobile app enabled fast document sharing within the team even when on the field and out of office.
Project initiation period for most projects dropped from 7 to 2 working days.
  • Single company software
Started use in June 2021 and the software is used in it’s forth year by the company, with extension of use with website management, access from different locations, CRM use for client tracking of different projects and other communication tools.
  • Expansion to new locations and countries

The company has expanded in new locations and countries in the next few years, where the implemented software solution enabled oversight.

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