Selected private sector clients


Virtual Reality for Trauma Recovery, 2011.

Project Management Collaboration

Project Management Collaboration for Productivity and Expansion, a company case study

Pitch deck for investors

Developed a pitch deck for investment mobilization for a copy trading software.

Setup Revenue Operations

Get the revenue operations in place, including customer support, sales and marketing.

Business Turn Around

Few months until bankrupcy, Brulz has been engaged to make a business turn-around. Did so in 5 months.

marketing research

Market entry research, competitive benchmarking, market size and characteristics

Selected Clients in Economic development

EGYPT Assessment Mission

Egypt Assessment Mission and partner mapping, for SME development and Entrepreneurship, for SPARK Netherlands

Pre-Feasibility Study for new SDC program

Pre-feasibility study and concept program design for the Swiss Agency for Development (SDC) , Following M4P/MSD (Market System Development) resulting in IME - Increased Market Employability program

Regional Stakeholder Survey for Constraints in Priority Sectors

Stakeholder Survey of key constraints in priority sectors for Regional Economic Growth (USAID's REG) Project implemented by Segura Corporation, in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia

Input in Swiss-Macedonia Cooperation Strategy

Scoping mission for Private Sector Development domain, for the Swiss-Macedonia Cooperation Strategy 2012-2016, contracted by SECO

Guide for Investors

Developing and structing a Guide for Investors and Map of Industrial and Tourist zones for the Vardar Planning Region

Assessment of economic development potential in North Kosovo.

Assessment – baseline study of economic development potential in North Kosovo, client Spark.

Project Evaluation

USAID funded project evaluation for MSME, implemented by CEED Foundation Macedonia

Capacity Buildling

EU's Cost Benefit Guide, capacity building for project unit in the Ministry.

Social Impact Assessment of Hydro Plant Project

Social Impact Assessment conducted as part of the consultant team doing the Envrionmental and Social Impact Assessment. Link directly to the study